Policy Proposals

Our tax code needs to be much simpler. I've proposed getting rid of all income and sales taxes and replacing our tax code with a basic, three-prong tax code that can fit on the back of a cereal box:

(1) Progressive property tax - This tax would be based on the value of land, water and other natural resources one consumes.
(2) Ecological tax - This tax would be based on activities that harm the environment, like pollution, deforestation, etc.
(3) Corporate liability tax - This tax would penalize corporations that borrow money they can't pay back based on their risk of insolvency.

The general theme of this tax code is to re-direct tax burden from the middle class and hard-working folks of the Northshore and make corporations that are stealing our resources pay back a fee for what they're borrowing from our society.

Read my full budget plan here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9sHBKIv_rXeTGllT0Z0S1ZxbkVodmhuSnI1dHR4VEVueEJn/view

I've proposed a simple, four-prong healthcare plan to lower premiums and deductibles and make healthcare cheaper and ensure that everyone who wants health insurance can afford it at a good price.

(1) Health benefit plans - These will substitute health insurance plans and allow us to circumvent Obamacare's harmful costly insurance regulations. Basically, Obamacare plans are like forcing everyone who walks into Walmart to buy every single product in the store. My plans are like allowing anyone who wants to go to Walmart to buy the groceries they need for the week and go home. They can come back next week if they decide they need something else. These will be way less costly and give consumers the freedom to pick and choose which healthcare services they want coverage for. Iowa has done something like this and the result is that healthcare prices have gone way down.
(2) Medicaid negotiations - We'll use the power of Medicaid to negotiate with drug companies for cheaper drug prices. This will make drug prices lower for everyone.
(3) Government reinsurance plans - This is how we'll take care of folks with pre-existing conditions. While we encourage everyone to buy insurance before they get sick, if someone forgets to buy healthcare until they get sick, creating a situation that would make insurance more costly for everyone, the government will personally guarantee insurance companies that, if they give those people a good price for health insurance and take care of them, the government will pay for any expenses they incur that are too high and endanger their business. This is basically a credit card for folks with pre-existing conditions to worry about getting their healthcare taken care of first and the bills paid back later.
(4) Medical debt forgiveness - We'll forgive folks who have medical debt. Put it all on the government's credit card. We'll pay it back later.

We want to completely get money out of politics and return to the simpler days when politics was all about regular folks from the private sector who were concerned about their government volunteering their time and ideas to help fix their government. Instead, we've gotten career politicians who borrow tons of money from corporations, PACs, lobbyists and special interests and then get into government and are beholden to them instead of us. My first plan to fix this will ban any former state lawmaker from becoming a lobbyist. Next, we'll work on a plan to end all lobbying and get elections to be genuinely about a battle of ideas instead of a battle to outspend each other.

We need to give local school boards, schools, teachers and parents more control of their kids' education. The state is now sending us ELA guidebooks and Eureka Math programs that tell our teachers and kids how they're supposed to learn and teach. I plan to immediately get rid of those in the first week of me being senator. I'll give more power to the people to decide how their kids should learn. The State Board of Education has no business telling us how and what to teach our kids, as they don't truly understand the needs of our kids because they don't live our lives.

I'll divert funding from higher education to grades K-8 and focus on getting kids to learn their general eds earlier in life so that they can get careers sooner and not have to waste so much time and so many years in college only to incur so much student loan debt. I'll offer employers incentives for hiring based on experience and talents, rather than meaningless paper degrees.


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