What Needs to Happen to Save Palestine and Restore Peace in the Middle East

 Many people don't realize that Palestine wasn't entirely Muslim originally when Israel seized their land and forced millions of people to leave their homes and live in the desert. There were many Christians living there, too. Palestinians, both Muslim and Christian (along with a few agnostics and non-believers) had been living peacefully together and would have happily accepted Jewish people who wanted to move in. But Israel had to forcibly take the land and kick innocent people out of their homes. That's just incredibly wrong, shocking, and disgusting. I'll never be able to stop talking about this as long as those poor Christians and Muslims living in Palestine are exiled from their own property. Israel killed so many people to do this, and they continue to want to kill more people and take more land until they've taken all the land their religion believes is theirs. These people are referred to as Zionists. The Zionist movement is essentially about taking over al

The Truth about 9/11

 Why did Tower Seven collapse on 9/11? Literally nothing was wrong with it and nothing happened to it. The only possible inference is that it was planned. Engineers were also surprised the Twin Towers collapsed despite being hit by airplanes, suggesting the collapses were planned by some third party supporting the terrorists who hijacked the planes. U.S. intelligence officials warned Bush weeks in advance that an attack was coming. The whole thing was pre-arranged. The government knew in advance this would happen and allowed the terrorists to kill people. The plane that went into the water was obviously meant for Tower Seven. The planes didn’t do what the planners wanted, so they just collapsed the towers themselves.  Why would people within our own country want to plan such a horrible tragedy? So Americans will support a war in the Middle East, where, at the time, Israel was surrounded by enemies. Israel needed the U.S. to conquer some of the countries that were rightfully p*ssed off

Afghanistan Withdrawal

The messy Afghanistan withdrawal is nowhere near the worst thing Biden has done. His economic and environmental policies and judicial appointments have far greater effect on our country that will leave lasting damage. Afghanistan withdrawal was necessary. Trump started it and Biden was right to finish it, even if he finished it later than he should have. It was wrong for us to continue to occupy another country long past the time we agreed to be out by.  The main thing Biden did wrong was not pulling all of our interpreters and other allies out before the troops, as well as not getting all of that expensive military equipment out before removing the troops. Now the nefarious Taliban is armed with some of the rarest and most expensive and high tech weaponry in the world, the likes of which only a handful of other countries besides us have. They will now most likely sell these weapons to our enemies. So that was a major mistake on Biden's part. However, pulling out of Afghanistan was

The Walking Dead Season 10, Episode 12 Review

PROLOGUE This Hilltop gang takes out the walkers and Whisperers, with character drama throughout.   Lydia utters an awful line, “I’ll never walk with her.” The wall goes down and Hilltop appears to burn completely. The characters all take off in groups. Ezekiel and Daryl were supposed to protect the children, but they were separated by the walker horde. Judith kills a Whisperer, her first human kill, and is visibly shaken by it. In the final scene, Yumiko sees Magna return. She’s disguised herself in the horde. The drama comes from there being no Connie. Carol sees this, Yumiko gives her the look of death, clearly and rightfully blaming Carol for this. Carol is of course justified in her desire to kill Alpha and make her suffer, but the way she went about it, endangering others, wasn’t fair. The acting and cinematography here are great. The walkers and the fire are terrifying. ACT ONE Negan kills an injured Whisperer with Lucille 2.0. He seems to enjoy smashing him in t

The Walking Dead Review - Season 10, Episode 11 - "Morning Star"

PROLOGUE Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and Alpha (Samantha Morton) whip each other. Alpha thinks this is making them “stronger” through pain. Negan clearly doesn’t enjoy it, but he plays along. He wants to gain power within the Whisperers’ ranks. Beta (Ryan Hurst) and the other Whisperers prepare for an invasion. Beta mutters some corny lines, but the eerie delivery is all that we can remember. ACT ONE All of the allied communities are at Hilltop now. Eugene (Joshua McDermot) talks to Stephanie on the radio, learning that she also saw the satellite that fell in the season premiere, so the two must be rather close. He reveals that his people live in Virginia. The writers are trying to force the Eugene-Stephanie pairing on us with all their shared interests and nostalgia, but no one's buying this. You can't create authentic chemistry between two characters simply through conversation on a radio. Who cares if they have similar interests? This doesn't make them com

Preview of AMC's The Walking Dead Episodes 10x09 and 10x10

DISCLAIMER: Spoilers below. Credit to The Spoiling Dead Fans and their sources for sharing this content. These are my own comments, thoughts, guesses and predictions. I haven't seen the episodes yet. These two episodes don't particularly complement each other. However, they're both amazing in their own rights. 10x10 is significantly more awesome than 10x09. Here's a brief rundown of what happens. 10x09 - "Squeeze" Basically, the gang has to squeeze through a bunch of tight spaces. Carol has the most trouble with it. Then Carol users dynamite to wipe out all the walkers, but it traps Connie and Magna inside. This will be the big thing everyone talks about. Personally, I am on Carol's side and I understand why she's doing what she does. She wants to make Alpha and the Whisperers suffer as revenge for what they did to Henry. Who could blame her? No one could understand what it's like to lose a child to a sick murderer until they experience it

Opinion: It's Time to End the Smallness Tax!

The role of social media in politics has increased ten-fold in light of recent events, including Russian interference in the 2016 election, which included the use of social media "troll bots" to spread fake news and propaganda; the sale of Facebook users' private data to Cambridge Analytica, a political consulting firm that aided Donald Trump's campaign for president; and, more recently, news of social media companies such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube using various tactics to censor political speech, from "shadow banning" to demonitizing content to outright banning of accounts. This has resulted in a larger debate about whether these "Big Tech" companies are to be treated as private companies, free to do whatever they want and dip into politics as they please, or if they qualify as public institutions that have socio-political responsibilities to the public, and, if the latter is the case, what exactly these responsibilities are. While I'm