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Ballotpedia Online Interview Responses

Who are you? Tell us about yourself in 300 words or less. I'm a recent LSU graduate with degrees in Film and English training to become a teacher of English, grades 6-12. I'm a political outsider who has never sought public office before, and I'm ideologically independent with a strong conservative/libertarian lean. I'm running for office because I want our state's economy to become competitive with the rest of the United States and I have lots of concrete proposals for how we can create new, higher-paying jobs, improve our education system and strengthen the economy without government intervention in the marketplace. I'm also socially conservative, strongly opposing abortion and gun control, and believe we need to take on the trial lawyers and other lobbyists, as they are the single greatest threat to Louisiana's prosperity with the hold they have on our politicians at both the state and federal levels. I don't intend to use this office to campaign