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The Walking Dead Season 10, Episode 12 Review

PROLOGUE This Hilltop gang takes out the walkers and Whisperers, with character drama throughout.   Lydia utters an awful line, “I’ll never walk with her.” The wall goes down and Hilltop appears to burn completely. The characters all take off in groups. Ezekiel and Daryl were supposed to protect the children, but they were separated by the walker horde. Judith kills a Whisperer, her first human kill, and is visibly shaken by it. In the final scene, Yumiko sees Magna return. She’s disguised herself in the horde. The drama comes from there being no Connie. Carol sees this, Yumiko gives her the look of death, clearly and rightfully blaming Carol for this. Carol is of course justified in her desire to kill Alpha and make her suffer, but the way she went about it, endangering others, wasn’t fair. The acting and cinematography here are great. The walkers and the fire are terrifying. ACT ONE Negan kills an injured Whisperer with Lucille 2.0. He seems to enjoy smashing him in t

The Walking Dead Review - Season 10, Episode 11 - "Morning Star"

PROLOGUE Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and Alpha (Samantha Morton) whip each other. Alpha thinks this is making them “stronger” through pain. Negan clearly doesn’t enjoy it, but he plays along. He wants to gain power within the Whisperers’ ranks. Beta (Ryan Hurst) and the other Whisperers prepare for an invasion. Beta mutters some corny lines, but the eerie delivery is all that we can remember. ACT ONE All of the allied communities are at Hilltop now. Eugene (Joshua McDermot) talks to Stephanie on the radio, learning that she also saw the satellite that fell in the season premiere, so the two must be rather close. He reveals that his people live in Virginia. The writers are trying to force the Eugene-Stephanie pairing on us with all their shared interests and nostalgia, but no one's buying this. You can't create authentic chemistry between two characters simply through conversation on a radio. Who cares if they have similar interests? This doesn't make them com