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Preview of AMC's The Walking Dead Episodes 10x09 and 10x10

DISCLAIMER: Spoilers below. Credit to The Spoiling Dead Fans and their sources for sharing this content. These are my own comments, thoughts, guesses and predictions. I haven't seen the episodes yet. These two episodes don't particularly complement each other. However, they're both amazing in their own rights. 10x10 is significantly more awesome than 10x09. Here's a brief rundown of what happens. 10x09 - "Squeeze" Basically, the gang has to squeeze through a bunch of tight spaces. Carol has the most trouble with it. Then Carol users dynamite to wipe out all the walkers, but it traps Connie and Magna inside. This will be the big thing everyone talks about. Personally, I am on Carol's side and I understand why she's doing what she does. She wants to make Alpha and the Whisperers suffer as revenge for what they did to Henry. Who could blame her? No one could understand what it's like to lose a child to a sick murderer until they experience it