What Needs to Happen to Save Palestine and Restore Peace in the Middle East

 Many people don't realize that Palestine wasn't entirely Muslim originally when Israel seized their land and forced millions of people to leave their homes and live in the desert. There were many Christians living there, too. Palestinians, both Muslim and Christian (along with a few agnostics and non-believers) had been living peacefully together and would have happily accepted Jewish people who wanted to move in. But Israel had to forcibly take the land and kick innocent people out of their homes. That's just incredibly wrong, shocking, and disgusting. I'll never be able to stop talking about this as long as those poor Christians and Muslims living in Palestine are exiled from their own property. Israel killed so many people to do this, and they continue to want to kill more people and take more land until they've taken all the land their religion believes is theirs. These people are referred to as Zionists. The Zionist movement is essentially about taking over all land that their bible says belongs to Israel, regardless of who lives there. 

Imagine if a Muslim or Jew came into your neighborhood and told you have to leave your house because their bible says you're living on their land, or that they deserve reparations for prior discrimination (as Britain originally intended for Israel to take land from Palestine as sort of an "apology" from guilty Europeans who felt they were responsible for the Holocaust). If you tried to resist, they killed you. If you didn't resist and left your home, you'd die of hunger and heat exhaustion while traveling to your new home. That's exactly what happened to the people who originally lived in Palestine in 1948, and it's been happening to more Palestinians for 73 years and continues to happen today. The Israelis won't rest until they've taken all of Palestine and forced all of the Palestinians out of their homes to die in the streets or in combat by attempting to reclaim their home. It's NOT "just their government" unfortunately. The reason their government is able to do such heinous things is because the Israelis keep electing people of that ideology. The vast majority of people living in Israel are completely apathetic to the lives of Palestinians and absolutely want to continue to gain the new territory that their bible says belongs to them.

When you hear about how terrible "Hamas" supposedly is for attacking people living in land that's now called Israel but is actually Palestine, realize that this land is their property. These so called "terrorists" are the original owners of the property trying to take their land back. Think about what you would do if some invaders stole your home and kicked you out on the streets. You would resort to violence because they were the aggressors who stole your property, right? That's exactly what Hamas is - people trying to get the land they rightfully own back.

What will ever be done to stop this horrible tragedy? Hopefully, Biden doesn't support Israel if it attempts to take any more land, although he recently reaffirmed his commitment to Israel and said we have an "unshakable partnership" with them. So he's not likely to do the right thing unless he's pressured by constituents, congressmen, and senators, which is unlikely  to happen in any large or notable form. We'll just have to wait out his administration and hope he doesn't make anything worse, as with everything the idiot does.

What Americans must do is boycott Israel products. Then, we must pick representatives, senators, and a president who will listen to the majority of Americans and stop giving Israel weapons. If the United States were to completely remove all of its military support from Israel and stop arming them today, they would be nearly powerless and would never be able to invade Palestine again. In fact, they wouldn't even be strong enough to protect themselves when Palestinians fought back to take what is correctly their land. Israel would be forced to withdraw and change its borders to the way they were before 1948. It's 100% the U.S. that is responsible for this. Our president can easily end this and fix things with a few executive orders. Unfortunately, Trump didn't and Biden won't. Quite frankly, any president who did that would be in danger of being assassinated by someone within the CIA. It's quite scary. 

The president would first have to figure out everyone who is loyal to Israel within the government and fire them, installing only people who are completely loyal to the U.S. and who have the common sense to want to give the Muslims and Christians of Palestine their stolen land back. Then, the president could, with constant protection, safely order the military to completely withdraw all support from Israel and stop defending them and supplying them with any weapons whatsoever..

There would be no need to boycott Israel at that point. Simply not having the U.S. defending them would literally force them to move everyone back within the pre-1948 Israel borders and give Palestine ALL of its land back. 

Then, the U.S. could remain allies with Israel. While we wouldn't support or allow any endeavor to steal land from Palestine ever again. We could help them negotiate peace treaties with all the countries surrounding them, which are full of Muslims and Christians who are furious at Israel for what they've done for 73 years. The U.S. could agree to defend Israel if it was ever attacked on the condition that it never attempted to steal Palestine's land again. Of course, we would also agree to defend militarily Palestinians and all of Israel's neighbors from any attacks by Israel should that ever become a problem.

This wouldn't mean that Israelis and Palestinians could never mix. Of course we would want there to be peace between everyone and for Israelis and Palestinians to freely cross the borders into each other's countries and choose to live peacefully wherever they want, agreeing to the condition that they would respect the rights of their neighbors and abide by property lines.


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