Afghanistan Withdrawal

The messy Afghanistan withdrawal is nowhere near the worst thing Biden has done. His economic and environmental policies and judicial appointments have far greater effect on our country that will leave lasting damage. Afghanistan withdrawal was necessary. Trump started it and Biden was right to finish it, even if he finished it later than he should have. It was wrong for us to continue to occupy another country long past the time we agreed to be out by. 

The main thing Biden did wrong was not pulling all of our interpreters and other allies out before the troops, as well as not getting all of that expensive military equipment out before removing the troops. Now the nefarious Taliban is armed with some of the rarest and most expensive and high tech weaponry in the world, the likes of which only a handful of other countries besides us have. They will now most likely sell these weapons to our enemies. So that was a major mistake on Biden's part.

However, pulling out of Afghanistan was absolutely the right thing to do. Many in the media and the government are trying to imply that we should have stayed forever. That's because they're largely controlled by people who don't have the United States' best interests at heart, and are instead more interested in defending Israel. Israel benefits from us being in Afghanistan and occupying countries all over the Middle East because Israel has made many enemies in the Middle East with its inhumane, horrible theft of Palestinian land. Israel wants us to stay in Afghanistan to defend them against the Taliban. Israel is not our responsibility and the mess they made and the enemies they've gained through their heinous actions are their problem. 

Many in the media will push fake news saying the Taliban is engaging in violent conduct against its own people and Americans. This information is likely fake, planted by villainous individuals in our own intelligence agencies, which are known to spread lies to try to convince the American people to support whichever new disastrous war they want to start to prop up Israel's failing government at US taxpayers' expense. Ignore the fake news and take any reports of Taliban violence with a grain of salt. They're probably fake.


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