Preview of AMC's The Walking Dead Episodes 10x09 and 10x10

DISCLAIMER: Spoilers below. Credit to The Spoiling Dead Fans and their sources for sharing this content. These are my own comments, thoughts, guesses and predictions. I haven't seen the episodes yet.

These two episodes don't particularly complement each other. However, they're both amazing in their own rights. 10x10 is significantly more awesome than 10x09. Here's a brief rundown of what happens.

10x09 - "Squeeze"

Basically, the gang has to squeeze through a bunch of tight spaces. Carol has the most trouble with it. Then Carol users dynamite to wipe out all the walkers, but it traps Connie and Magna inside. This will be the big thing everyone talks about.

Personally, I am on Carol's side and I understand why she's doing what she does. She wants to make Alpha and the Whisperers suffer as revenge for what they did to Henry. Who could blame her? No one could understand what it's like to lose a child to a sick murderer until they experience it themselves.

There's also a nasty Negan and Alpha sex scene, but if you're into that and don't find either character too disgusting, then you may enjoy it. I personally find them both to be on the less attractive side, so this is simply grotesque for me.

10x10 is badass when Beta sneaks into Alexandria and starts killing people. There's an awesome Rosita-Beta fight where Rosita defends her child, Coco, successfully.

Meanwhile, Daryl, who would be looking for Lydia, has to rescue Connie and Magna from the cave. But he runs into Alpha and gets into a bad fight. He ends up debilitated. Alpha ends up "reborn." She now has no feelings and is ready to kill. Lydia is only there to rescue Daryl. It's amazing. Both drama and action.

There's drama between Daryl and Carol, where she owns up to her behavior, whether Daryl approves or doesn't.  She's committed to the cause of making Alpha suffer. Daryl just wants to rescue Lydia, and now Magna and Connie. He still doesn't want a full blown war with the Whisperers. However, it's too late. Alpha and Carol want war, and that's enough.

Now Daryl's hurt. Kelly is hurt, after falling down a waterfall trap. Magna and Connie are trapped in a cave. Carol is in D'Jango Unchained mode going after Alpha. Daryl and Carol are divided over whether they should go to war. Rosita is trying to raise a baby while mourning the loss of the baby;s father.. Eugene, who used to crush on Rosita, has moved on to a woman named Stephanie whom he only knows by voice. It's awesome.

I expect Eugene to go to the Commonwealth with Yumiko and Ezekiel, who has cancer, where he will meet up with Stephanie. Ezekiel will be treated for his cancer. Maggie will provide the troops and resources necessary to wipe out the Whisperers.

But first, the Whisperers are going to burn down Hilltop. Negan's going to behead Alpha. Beta's going to take over and unleash the horde. People will be eaten. One or two major characters will die. I suspect Gabriel, just to shake things up. Maybe he gets bitten saving Rosita from a walker, and he dies with a dramatic goodbye. Episodes 10x14 and 10x15 will likely be the most interesting. Will Magna and Connie still be in the cave? They'll probably get out when the horde is released and be separated from Daryl.

Daryl will probably end up in a group with Carol, Negan, Lydia, Kelly and Luke (his closest confidantes plus Negan, who will regain some respect within the group after presenting Alpha's head). The 14th and 15th episodes will be about separating the group as they fight the Whisperers and the horde. Rosita, Gabriel and Coco will end up together, for however long Gabriel survives. Aaron and Gracie will end up separating. Judith and Gracie will be responsible for protecting RJ. Jerry and Nabila will have to protect their three kids as well as their clan. Aaron will just want to kill Beta, and get the whole thing over with. So there will be four major groups. Group 1 is Daryl, Carol, Lydia, Negan, Kelly and Luke. Group 2 is Rosita, Gabriel, Judith, RJ, Coco, Barbara, Laura, Gage, Scott and all the other Alexandrians. Group 3 is Aaron, Alden, Earl, Kal, Bertie, Marco and all the Hilltop's fighters who want to kill Beta and the Whisperers. Group 4 is Jerry, Nabila, their children, Diane and all the other residents who just want to get to safety. Group 5 is the secret weapon that will end the war. Eugene, Yumiko and Ezekiel will travel to Ohio, meet the Commonwealth and get the weapons to wipe out the horde. That will include killing all the Whisperers among the horde as well. There will be debate over morality and whether all the Whisperers should be killed. They should be tried and offered an opportunity to integrate into the community, in my view. That's how you rebuild society.

This will drag out into Season 11, and that's fine. A good episode is a good episode. Maybe once the Whisperers are captured, they are tried in the Commonwealth throughout Season 11. There can be a hung jury. Someone will start slaughtering all the Whisperers, likely Carol, Ezekiel, Alden, or Earl. Perhps a coalition. Then a civil war begins. It would be awesome. Earl and Alden wouldn't make it. Maybe one of the major characters would die, too. There are so few left. Maybe Magna dies in the cave and Connie is out for revenge, and sides with the rebels in the war. Maybe Connie dies in the cave and Magna and Kelly are both out for revenge. Magna or Kelly could end up dead.

This would last through Season 11. There's also plenty of Commonwealth material that can be the subplot until the war ends. In Season 12, the Commonwealth is the main plot, and there are more internal divisions. I dread to think that Daryl ends up killing Carol in an adaptation of the famous comic moment where Rick kills Dwight because he's too rebellious and can't get along in society.  But Daryl wouldn't kill her unless he was forced to. It's more likely that she dies via suicide, as she did in the comics, or by attacking Daryl or Connie in an attempt to force him to kill her. That would be sad. Sad but entertaining. Carol, a fundamentally decent human being from the start, who was tortured even before the apocalypse, and continued to be treated the same way by the world after, would finally morph into a villain who cannot live peacefully in society. Daryl would remember Rick's decision to expel Carol from the prison community back in Season 4.

This all makes for a great story. Definitely check this show out when it returns Sunday, February 23rd at 9/8c.


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